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I wasn’t expecting you to look this far down

Well HOWDY there. This here used to be a website for the rustling up of work. It didn’t. So I stopped using it that way. In fact I got thoroughly bored with the whole trying to get work thing, so demoralising, so I retired instead. These days I do what I do when I like, and I am listening to Captain Beefheart at the moment (Safe As Milk) as a bonus. Retirement’s great, if financially tricky. But I don’t have to attend bloody useless meetings any more, nor pretend that all the management garbage that dominates them these days is actually a form of English. HOORAH! I’m doing a bit of writing, and doing some flags for the folks that pay for them, and otherwise I sit in the garden watching the birds, drinking tea and smoking. Yeah, so laid back my man.